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ScrimmageFinder is a system designed to put teams in touch with one another. The easiest way to have your team listed in ScrimmageFinder is through your TMS account. Just click the Add To ScrimmageFinder link from the Manage Teams screen. You can also just fill out the form below. Once your submission is reviewed it will become active and viewable.

ScrimmageFinder is strickly voluntary to participate in and if any time you would like to remove your team from the system you can. If you have attached your entry to your TMS team(s), you can remove them from your TMS account. If the team is not in TMS, to remove the listing please send an email to


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Terms of Use

By using this system I affirm that I am an authorized representative of the listed team and that the information provided is true and correct. Additionally the information provided is to be used for the purpose of establishing contacts between teams to help facilitate additional training and team development. I further understand that using this system is completely voluntary and that Challenge Sports is providing it as an informational resource only. I AGREE


Challenge Sports provides this service to our users as a neutral third party conduit and as an informational resource only. Submissions are reviewed only for completeness and appropriateness. If a listing is discovered to be false, erroneous, or misrepresented it will be removed from the system. Any arrangements made between teams using this system, including any costs or fees incurred, will be the sole responsibility of the teams involved and not that of Challenge Sports.

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