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Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge

at Ponte Vedra
15th Annual!
part of the Super Challenge Series

June 3, 2017 - June 3, 2017
This is a 1 day tournament

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For this event, each head coach will receive a special Free t-shirt!

Free size 3 soccer balls for U6 and U7 team players!

All 3v3 Super Challenges earn 2x Ranking Points!

A stop in the Super Challenge Series!

Back for the 15th year, the Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge will be taking place again at the Nocatee Park soccer fields in located in beautiful Ponte Vedra. This 1 day event is just what you need to get in some summer soccer action. As in the past, this event always shapes up to provide some great teams and competition.

If you have not already, this is the event to start on your path to the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour Nationals this summer. Also back this year with the Super Challenge Series is a free special Head Coach t-shirt.

Wanting to qualify for Disney and play for a Championship? Then the 3v3 Super Challenge Series is definitely for you. Our 3v3 Super Challenges are the only events that provide the top 6 teams in each division to ability to qualify to play in not only our Challenge Sports 3v3 Challenge Tour National Championships this summer but also in the Invitational Division at the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships in January.

Challenge Sports and The Kick-It 3v3 National Soccer Tour are pleased to continue the strategic partnership between the world's two leading 3v3 soccer organizations for events in the Orlando , Tampa/St Pete, South Florida, Jacksonville and Southwest Florida areas!


Hosted by Challenge Sports
Location: Nocatee Community Park Soccer Fields 707 Nocatee Center Way, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081.
Entry fee: $210 per team
$190 Early Entry Fee for teams registering and paying up to 14 days before the event (05-20-2017 or earlier);
$230 Late Entry Fee for teams registering and/or paying less than 8 days before the event (05-26-2017 or later)

Final entry date is 6 pm Monday before the event (unless event is Sunday only, then it will be 6pm, Tuesday). After this, teams will be accepted on a case by case basis. It is possible that entries will exceed the capacity of the soccer facility before the final entry date. In that case registrations will be cut off sooner.

Check In: At least one hour before your first game the day of the event, unless otherwise noted.
Schedules: Event schedules are typically posted by the Thursday night (or 2 days) before the tournament through the event's information page .
Challenge Sports Guarantee: A team may withdraw from a Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour event any time up to midnight on the Tuesday before the event.

Entries are posted during the weekend before the tournament, giving teams 2-3 days after the initial posting to look at the entries and make a decision. Because entries change several times a day as teams enter, drop out, or correct their age/level, teams must check the entries often during the week before the tournament to see the up to date situation.

If a team withdraws before the deadline, the team can receive a full refund of the entry fee or it can carry a credit for the entry fee forward to use at an event to be selected later. The Guarantee applies to the entry fee only. Reservations for travel or hotel rooms are not covered by the Challenge Sports Guarantee.

Ages u6 to Adult

All Players will receive official tournament T-shirt at check-in

Individual awards for first 3 teams in Each Division

All u10 and younger players get individual awards

Top 4 Teams in each Division qualify for the Challenge Sports 3v3 National Championships
(Top 6 teams in Super Challenges qualify)

You can also check our General Information and FAQs pages for additional information and/or to help answer questions you may have.


On the road to the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour Nationals at the
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World© Resort
August 3-5, 2018
Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Get Directions:
Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Additional Information

CHECK IN PROCEDURE: Check in for qualifying events is typically held at the event site unless otherwise noted on the event's information page. A team representative should arrive at the fields at least one hour before the team's first game.

For check in please bring:

    1. ROSTER/WAIVER FORM - (get form directly from your TMS account) with player/parent signatures.
    2. PROOF OF AGE - for each player, unless the player is showing Verified in TMS. (such as player passes, copy of birth certificate, drivers license, passport, etc.)
    3. ROSTER CHANGES - If you need to change your roster from the one that was submitted when you registered, make the changes on the TMS system.

Express Check In option - If your team qualifies for Express Check In, the only documents needed for check in would be a Hotel Form, if applicable. Click here to find out how to qualify for Express Check In.

Additionally at check in you will receive the event T-shirts for each player on the team. Please make sure the player's shirt size is correct in TMS. Event shirts are based on this and if the wrong size is in TMS we cannot guarantee there will be a replacement available in a different size.

RULES: Rules can be view or downloaded from the 3v3 Rules Page

BALL: each team needs to bring a ball. U6 U7 U8 - size #3, U9-U12 - size #4, U13 and older - size #5

SCHEDULES: Event schedules are typically posted through the event information page by the Thursday night (or 2 days) before the tournament.


3v3 Challenge Tour National ChampionshipsFor our Super Challenge Events, the top 6 teams in each division will be qualified to attend our very own Challenge Sports 3v3 Challenge Tour National Championships held in the begining of August at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.



Disney 3v3 Soccer Championship

Additionally, the top 6 teams in each division from this event are eligible to participate in the Invitational division of the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships that is held in January.

All other teams that play in this event will be eligible to participate in the Open Division of tournament.

Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Event Entries

Below is a list of all teams registered for the Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge.
 Please check to ensure that all of the information for your team is correct.

Registration for this event is now closed!

Teams have been placed into final groups for play.

IMPORTANT:  At this time we can not accept any newschedule or team placement requests.

Div Level Gender ID Team Name Club Coach
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 16843 Fusion U7 FESA Lee
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 16879 DSPFC   Damato
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 16498 Wolfpack Armada Wooten
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 17073 IAFC High Fives 10B Inter Atlanta FC Griffin
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15229 4Horsemen   Manansala
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 17000 Clay County Impact CCSC Kenney
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 17020 Thorns CCSC Bertsch
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 15509 The Little Stikers Florida Elite Soccer Academy Pabon
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 17072 Winnerz FC Armada Tilden
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 17012 B.S.A.U8 - Gerard Pique   Ramirez            
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 17003 Clay County Boys Thunder CCSC Bunton            
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 15079 Armada FC Armada FC Cornett            
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 16809 The Purple Lions   Reyes            
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 13361 The Strikers FESA Floyd
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 17002 Grinders Clay County Fravala
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 16990 Fleming Island Rowdies CCSC Feitz
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 17009 OBFC   Harrell
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 17029 Oakleaf Oakleaf Thomas
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 15518 Pass & Shoot Armada  
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 17046 PV Barca Jacksonville Armada South Churchill
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 17051 Armada Elite JAYFC Schroeder
B09R REC BOYS/COED 17013 B.S.A.U9 - Andres Iniesta   Ramirez            
B10R REC BOYS/COED 16723 Savages Nitrox Soccer Club Garcia
B10R REC BOYS/COED 16985 USA Sharks 1 Camden Soccer Club Cox
B10R REC BOYS/COED 16986 USA Sharks 2 Camden Soccer Club Cox
B10R REC BOYS/COED 16592 Keystone  KYSC Seneca
B10R REC BOYS/COED 17014 B.S.A.U10 - Sergi Roberto   Ramirez            
B10R REC BOYS/COED 13557 Stingrays Nitrox Soccer Club Mann            
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 14673 Kraken Elite JAYFC Armada FC Camero
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 15918 Force CCSC  
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 12801 Super Kicks JYSC Varela
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 17078 Ghost FC   Kenworthy                        
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 17010 Rangers U12A CCSC Hopkins
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 15026 Fantastic 6 Ponte Vedra SC Hitchcock
B11R REC BOYS/COED 13596 Jesup Chargers   Lopez            
B11R REC BOYS/COED 17015 B.S.A.U11 - C.Ronaldo   Ramirez            
B12R REC BOYS/COED 14931 Vipers Nitrox Soccer Club Carrillo
B12R REC BOYS/COED 16134 Alaris Storm   Barrs
B12R REC BOYS/COED 14643 Legends FESA Kassab
B12R REC BOYS/COED 17016 B.S.A.U12 - Neymar   Ramirez            
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 15535 PumaFC   Russell
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 17018 Red Devils SSA Chelsea Coastal Swafford
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 16325 Vikings FC   Denly
B15R REC BOYS/COED 17061 Callahan Sharks Callahn Soccer Club Hood            
B13R REC BOYS/COED 15183 Keystone  KYSC Seneca            
B13R REC BOYS/COED 16725 Team Wolpack (U13) Callahan Soccer Club Thigpen            
B14R REC BOYS/COED 12933 Nitrox  Nitrox Soccer Club Leasure
B14R REC BOYS/COED 17022 U14 Keystone   Hubner
B16C COMP BOYS/COED 17023 Zamba FESA Evans
B16C COMP BOYS/COED 14212 Keystone U16  KYSC Patterson
B16R REC BOYS/COED 17082 The Yeeee Gang   Kosik            
B17R REC BOYS/COED 15111 Indians   Frisina
B17R REC BOYS/COED 17055 Riverside Renegades Callahan Soccer Club Means
B18C COMP BOYS/COED 16730 Heights Keystone Youth Soccer Waters
B18C COMP BOYS/COED 16687 Wolfpack Tormenta Roberts
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 16663 Raiders   Jaramillo
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 14139 Keystone   Basque
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 17024 Indians KYS Waters
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 16651 Williston Futbol Club   Rodriguez
BCO OPEN BOYS/COED 16450 London Silly Nannies   Hall
BADR REC BOYS/COED 17008 Putnam FC   Drulard
BADR REC BOYS/COED 17077 229 Takeover   Lopez
B17C COMP BOYS/COED 15055 RH Savages   Carrillo            
G10C COMP GIRLS 16798 Pink Strikers Southern Soccer Academy Bloecher
G10C COMP GIRLS 16499 Force Armada Wooten
G10R REC GIRLS 16842 Fusion U10 FESA Lee
G10R REC GIRLS 17050 07 Lady Synergy CCSC Bunton
G11C COMP GIRLS 15992 Lady Synergy CCSC Bunton
G12C COMP GIRLS 16924 Girls Kick Grass JAYFC Snyder
G12R REC GIRLS 16046 Alaris Storm   Barrs
G12R REC GIRLS 16607 Callahan Soccer Club 05 Beast 16/17   Hartley
G13R REC GIRLS 15951 Cobras Nitrox Soccer Club Leasure
G13R REC GIRLS 16568 Electric Shock   Peters
G13C COMP GIRLS 17026 Lightning Strikes CCSC Dawson
G14C COMP GIRLS 16611 Venom CCSC Bunton
G14C COMP GIRLS 17007 Fury FESA Hudson
G14C COMP GIRLS 17065 Swat   Ruehling
G14C COMP GIRLS 17081 Tic Tac Toe Clay Manalang            
G14C COMP GIRLS 17088 Kick Murphy's   Rhodes            
G14C COMP GIRLS 17089 The Offspring   Ciez            
G15C COMP GIRLS 17042 Pink Ladies   Denly
G15C COMP GIRLS 99999 Sam's Team   Wooten            
G16C COMP GIRLS 13105 LC Sharks LC Sharks Norman            
G15R REC GIRLS 16732 Fusion   Kirkland
G16R REC GIRLS 14979 Chaos 1 FESA Pauly
G17R REC GIRLS 13639 Lady Indians CYSA Frisina

Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Hotel Information

Northeast Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Guest Players

Below is a listing of Guest Players that are available or needed for this event

If you are interested in adding a player to the this list please use the Guest Player Form located under the above Info/Resources tab.

Guest Players Available

Male 2007 Comp

Sam is a strong offensive player with a excellent goal scoring. He is flexible and loves 3v3. He has played competitive soccer for 3 years

Male 2007 Comp

Christopher plays for Orlando City U10 competitive team. We want to play as much 3v3 in the offseason as possible, starting now. Please contact me if you have a need or opening. Thank you!

Male 2006 Comp

Zak is a very strong player with a knack for goal scoring. Very tough defensively too. Has been playing competeive soccer since 5 years old. Currently plays at U12 level (turns 11) in April Had played 3v3 at a high level for 4 years

Male 2005 Comp

Will is a strong defensive player with a strong foot. He is flexible and loves 3v3. He has played competitive soccer for 4 years

Male 2005 Comp

Will Johnson is a top shelf defensive player in 3v3. He has a strong foot and loves the game. Here is one of his tournaments: https://vimeo.com/175890643

Male 2005 Rec

A quick defensive minded player. Has been on several 3v3 teams that have done very well each year in north Florida.

Female 2006 Comp

2 time Disney champion . High level stamina , game awareness , ball controll and nose for the ball . Point ( sweeper ) speicialist . Courtney is an extremely competitive and team / coach friendly player . We took this season off .

Guest Players Needed

No Guest Players are currently needed for this event


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