Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge

at Naples Fort Myers Area
11th Annual
part of the Super Challenge Series

June 24, 2017 - June 24, 2017
This is a 1 day tournament

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For this event, each head coach will receive a special Free t-shirt!

Due to Flooded fields on June 10,

this event is  being played on June 24 - at the same site

New Location This Year - Community School of Naples

(formerly at Jet Blue Park)

All 3v3 Super Challenges now earn 2x Ranking Points!

Stovi StarsThe Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge returns for its 11th year to the Naples/Fort Myers area!

This event which will be held at the Community School of Naples is a popular and exciting event on the tour. Come out and have a great Saturday playing some 3v3 soccer in Southwest Florida.

This is the last Super of the season, so be sure not to miss out!


Wanting to qualify for Disney and play for a Championship? Then the 3v3 Super Challenge Series is definitely for you. Our 3v3 Super Challenges are the only events that provide the top 6 teams in each division to qualify for not only our Challenge Sports 3v3 Challenge Tour National Championships this summer at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney but also for the Invitational Division at the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships in January.

Challenge Sports and The Kick-It 3v3 National Soccer Tour are pleased to continue the strategic partnership between the world's two leading 3v3 soccer organizations for events in the Central Florida, Tampa/St Pete, South Florida, Jacksonville and Southwest Florida areas!


Location: Community School of Naples, 13275 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL 34109
Entry fee: $205 per team
$185 Early Entry Fee for teams registering and paying up to 14 days before the event (06-10-2017 or earlier);
$225 Late Entry Fee for teams registering and/or paying less than 8 days before the event (06-16-2017 or later)

Final entry date is 6 pm Monday before the event (unless event is Sunday only, then it will be 6pm, Tuesday). After this, teams will be accepted on a case by case basis. It is possible that entries will exceed the capacity of the soccer facility before the final entry date. In that case registrations will be cut off sooner.

Check In: At least one hour before your first game the day of the event, unless otherwise noted.
Schedules: Event schedules are typically posted by the Thursday night (or 2 days) before the tournament through the event's information page .
Challenge Sports Guarantee: A team may withdraw from a Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour event any time up to midnight on the Tuesday before the event.

Entries are posted during the weekend before the tournament, giving teams 2-3 days after the initial posting to look at the entries and make a decision. Because entries change several times a day as teams enter, drop out, or correct their age/level, teams must check the entries often during the week before the tournament to see the up to date situation.

If a team withdraws before the deadline, the team can receive a full refund of the entry fee or it can carry a credit for the entry fee forward to use at an event to be selected later. The Guarantee applies to the entry fee only. Reservations for travel or hotel rooms are not covered by the Challenge Sports Guarantee.

Ages u6 to Adult

All Players will receive official tournament T-shirt at check-in

4 games minimum per team

Individual awards for first 3 teams in Each Division

All u10 and younger players get individual awards

Top 4 Teams in each Division qualify for the Challenge Sports 3v3 National Championships
(Top 6 teams in Super Challenges qualify)

You can also check our General Information and FAQs pages for additional information and/or to help answer questions you may have.


On the road to the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour Nationals at the
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World© Resort
July 28-30, 2017
Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
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Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Additional Information

CHECK IN PROCEDURE: Check in for qualifying events is typically held at the event site unless otherwise noted on the event's information page. A team representative should arrive at the fields at least one hour before the team's first game.

For check in please bring:

    1. ROSTER/WAIVER FORM - (get form directly from your TMS account) with player/parent signatures.
    2. PROOF OF AGE - for each player, unless the player is showing Verified in TMS. (such as player passes, copy of birth certificate, drivers license, passport, etc.)
    3. ROSTER CHANGES - If you need to change your roster from the one that was submitted when you registered, make the changes on the TMS system.
    4. HOTEL FORM - if you are staying at a hotel during the event.

Express Check In option - If your team qualifies for Express Check In, the only documents needed for check in would be a Hotel Form, if applicable. Click here to find out how to qualify for Express Check In.

Additionally at check in you will receive the event T-shirts for each player on the team. Please make sure the player's shirt size is correct in TMS. Event shirts are based on this and if the wrong size is in TMS we cannot guarantee there will be a replacement available in a different size.

RULES: Rules can be view or downloaded from the 3v3 Rules Page

BALL: each team needs to bring a ball. U6 U7 U8 - size #3, U9-U12 - size #4, U13 and older - size #5

SCHEDULES: Event schedules are typically posted through the event information page by the Thursday night (or 2 days) before the tournament.



3v3 Challenge Tour National ChampionshipsFor our Super Challenge Events, the top 6 teams in each division will be qualified to attend our very own Challenge Sports 3v3 Challenge Tour National Championships held in the summer at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney Resorts.



Disney 3v3 Soccer Championship

Additionally, the top 6 teams in each division from this event are eligible to participate in the Invitational division of the 2017 Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships that is held in January.

All other teams that play in this event will be eligible to participate in the Open Division of tournament.

Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Event Entries

Below is a list of all teams currently registered for the Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge.
 Please check to ensure that all of the information for your team is correct.


Division Level Gender ID Team Name Club Coach
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 17034 Crushers   Fuller
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 16881 Marco Island Lightning Sharks U7 Marco Island Optimist Club Baldwin            
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 17133 American Eagles   Corbalan            
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 16931 Stovi Stars 2009   Stovall
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 16930 Stovi Stars 09 Red   Stovall
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 16689 The Dutch Lions FC Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions Gutierrez
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 16495 Plant City Lancers 2009   Vasquez            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 16902 Cape FC Smackdown   Cathey
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 16834 Nfinity F.C.   Erickson
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 17286 Plant City Lancers 2008 Plant City Lancers Vasquez            
B09R REC BOYS/COED 15830 Basil's Baller's San Carlos Spaulding
B10R REC BOYS/COED 16861 J6 White Lehigh Youth Soccer Cohen
B10R REC BOYS/COED 16826 SW Florida Select   Melton            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 16610 F7fusion   Francia
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 13878 J6 Blue Lehigh Youth Soccer Marquez
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 14913 Cape Landsharks Cape Coral Soccer Association Bly
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 16851 Cape United   Calamela
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 15949 Green Machine    
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 14727 Marco Island Sharks U10 Boys Optimist Club of Marco Island Bonos            
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 13966 Palm Beach HEAT (07B)   Peitz            
B11R REC BOYS/COED 16917 The Crushers Gateway Soccer Gerbasio            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 16855 Fuel FC   Thompson
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 15851 Wolfpack   Calamela
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 16927 Stovi Stars 2006   Stovall
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 16911 Galacticos F.C. Cyclones Aparicio
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 16862 Immokalee Cobras 0506 The Soccer Pit Youth A/C Barrera
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 16961 Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions U11B Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions Vermeer
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 16987 Le Blue   Rincon
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 13855 American Eagles   Corbalan            
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 16984 Blues FC Black   Bates            
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 15852 Blues FC Blue   Bowe            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 16908 Miami Lakes United 05 Miami Lakes United Johnson
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 16852 Elite FC   Brooks
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 14877 Caloosa FC Blacktips Caloosa FC Ballard
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 16944 OFC   Reese
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 17141 American Eagles                
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 16926 Stovi Stars 2005   Stovall            
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 16905 Naples Manchester    Nicasio            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 14182 Independiente Soccer Club   Sanchez
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 16981 Tempest   Lamboy
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 16015 Barca Jr CCSA  
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 13030 Lions Internacional Pending   Mendez            
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 17150 Naples United FC Florida Fires Jr Garcia            
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 17279 Lightning Boyz LYSA Lobos            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 15955 Spartans Fusion Haverty
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 15841 Basil's Baller's 03/04 San Carlos Spaulding
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 15831 Basil's Baller's San Carlos Spaulding
B15C COMP BOYS/COED 17093 Naples Bulls   Garcia
B15C COMP BOYS/COED 15843 Basil's Baller's San Carlos Spaulding
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
B14R REC BOYS/COED 16067 J5 U13 Lehigh                
B14R REC BOYS/COED 17138 SC United U14R San Carlos Scorpions Gorski            
B15R REC BOYS/COED 16989 Nothing but Net CCSA Ertter
B15R REC BOYS/COED 17235 FC Tigres   Aragus            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
B16C COMP BOYS/COED 14889 Bonita FC Bonita Storm Heydolph            
B17C COMP BOYS/COED 17151 Naples United FC Florida Fires Jr Garcia            
B18C COMP BOYS/COED 17066 Shockers   Ramirez
BACO OPEN BOYS/COED 17136 Cuervos FC   Mdahuar            
BACO OPEN BOYS/COED 17143 Alumni Tigers   Pittman            
BACO OPEN BOYS/COED 17290 SC United Black   Bigler            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 14986 Acosta Academy   Griffis
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 16953 Englewood 69ers   Ryan
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 13843 Hat Trick Heroes   Myers
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 17112 TFC   Bautista
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 14414 TWSA Elite   Mcdonald
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 17144 3v3 Tigers    Del Rosario            
BADC COMP BOYS/COED 17257 United                
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G07O OPEN GIRLS 17037 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras B   Perez
G08O OPEN GIRLS 17036 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras A   Cruz-trejo
G08O OPEN GIRLS 16946 GoalMaids    
G08O OPEN GIRLS 16857 U.S.A.  Cape Coral Soccer Association Baas
G08O OPEN GIRLS 17099 South Florida Thunder   Feldman
G08O OPEN GIRLS 15948 Cape Coral Swat Team Cape Coral Rogers            
G08O OPEN GIRLS 17287 Thundercats   Clowdus-hood            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G09C COMP GIRLS 16869 Nfinity FC Red   Erickson
G09C COMP GIRLS 16870 Nfinity FC Black   Erickson
G09C COMP GIRLS 17233 Storm Sisters '08 - Blue Azzurri/Storm Peterson            
G10C COMP GIRLS 16780 J6 G'S   Marquez
G10C COMP GIRLS 17047 Lightning   Fuller
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G09R REC GIRLS 17039 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras D   Rodriguez
G09R REC GIRLS 17040 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras E   Barrera
G10R REC GIRLS 16156 Cape Coral Flames    Perez
G10R REC GIRLS 17038 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras C   Lucio
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G11C COMP GIRLS 16858 Fuel FC   Yianoukos
G11C COMP GIRLS 11427 U.S.A    
G11C COMP GIRLS 15717 South Florida Destroyers   Cabrera
G11C COMP GIRLS 17108 Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions U11G Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions Vermeer
G11C COMP GIRLS 17232 Cape Girls U11   Cartmell            
G11C COMP GIRLS 15904 MBSA   Robalino            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G11R REC GIRLS 17059 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras 11   Salazar
G11R REC GIRLS 17071 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras 11 B   Pacheco
G12R REC GIRLS 16772 Honey Badgers   Ball
G12R REC GIRLS 15922 SCP Advantage San Carlos Park Hooper
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G12C COMP GIRLS 16099 Naples Flash   Morrison
G12C COMP GIRLS 16939 U.S.A   Gerke
G12C COMP GIRLS 15878 Redhawks   Buschle
G12C COMP GIRLS 16958 Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions U12G Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions Hendriks
G12C COMP GIRLS 14547 Tiki Taka FC   Tuesta            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G13C COMP GIRLS 16844 Predators  Lee County Strikers Wright
G13C COMP GIRLS 12552 Jaguars   Brelage
G13C COMP GIRLS 16970 Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions U13G Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions Hendriks
G13C COMP GIRLS 13815 Estero Beasts   King
G13C COMP GIRLS 13993 Swat                
G13C COMP GIRLS 16975 Natural Disasters  CCSA Spiller            
G14C COMP GIRLS 15848 Shooting Stars   Berrette
G14C COMP GIRLS 16874 SCP United White   Bigler
G14C COMP GIRLS 17131 SCP United Blue   Bigler            
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G13R REC GIRLS 17053 Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras 13   RoblesGarcia
G13R REC GIRLS 17122 Marco Island Sharks  OCMI Reeves            
G14R REC GIRLS 16644 Raining Fire West Pines Soccer Rosa
G14R REC GIRLS 16866 San Carlos United FC   Buxton
G15R REC GIRLS 16677 L.A Challengers   Samaroo
--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------            
G16C COMP GIRLS 16959 Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions U16G Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions Hendriks
G17C COMP GIRLS 16836 NfiNity F.C.    Erickson
G18R REC GIRLS 16887 Fuego    

Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Hotel Information

Southwest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge
Guest Players

Below is a listing of Guest Players that are available or needed for this event

If you are interested in adding a player to the this list please use the Guest Player Form located under the above Info/Resources tab.

Guest Players Available

Male 2010 Comp

Zane has a sister playing on a team in 3v3 tournaments throughout Southwest Florida. Since he will be at the events we are trying to find a team for him to guest play for. He has played Optomist Soccer of Naples for a few years and has trained the past year with Florida Fire. He is an extremely gifted and talented at soccer.

Male 2008 Comp

Sloan is an extremely talented soccer player. He has played up an age division for the majority of his soccer career. He was part of the Panthers 3v3 soccer team last year that competed in Southwest Florida tournaments. He currently plays for the Florida Fire. His sister has a team that is playing in these tournaments but we have been unable to find players to commit to create our own team.

Male 2007 Comp

Christopher plays for Orlando City U10 competitive team. We want to play as much 3v3 in the offseason as possible, starting now. Please contact me if you have a need or opening. Thank you!

Male 2006 Comp

Zak is a very strong player with a knack for goal scoring. Very tough defensively too. Has been playing competeive soccer since 5 years old. Currently plays at U12 level (turns 11) in April Had played 3v3 at a high level for 4 years

Male 2005 Comp

U12, 2005 born Player available for suitable 3v3 tournaments in and around the Tampa area..

Male 2005 Comp


Female 2006 Comp

Jenna plays for a D1 team in South Florida and is looking for some additional competition.

Guest Players Needed

No Guest Players are currently needed for this event


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