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How can I get my special questions answered ?

First please read the information provided here and on the main page of our web site. If you can't find the information you need, email us click here .



Q1 - What are the dates of birth that define each age group?

A1 - We use the same definition as the USYSA (with August 1 as the cut off month/day) for determining a players "Tournament Age". We have provided a convenient Calculator that shows the players Tournament age based on birthdate . Click here U Age Calculator and input the date of birth to see the player's age division. Note that when Nationals falls in August, the age groups for Nationals are the same as during the 12 months leading up to Nationals.  Players do not move up an age until Nationals is completed.

Click here for a table showing the age based on date of birth. Note that a player may play in a division older than his/her age, but not in one that is younger. In FYSA sanctioned events, "playing up" is limited to whatever the current FYSA guidelines state. In events that are sanctioned by Challenge Sports only, "playing up" is left to the discretion of the coach and parents.


Q2 - What are acceptable forms of Proof of Age?

A2 - Any one of the following are acceptable - Player pass, passport, copy of birth certificate or drivers license.


Q3 - Can a goal be scored from anywhere on the field ?

A3 - NO, it must be last touched (by either team) in the OFFENSIVE half of the field. On a kickoff, the ball is not considered to start in the offensive half of the field. It must roll forward so that it is completely in the offensive half before it can be shot straight into the goal


Q4 - What are the rules about the goal box in front of the goal ?

A1 - The rules regarding goal box in our rules section are below. Standing in or passing through the box is allowed. The box rule is only invoked if a player touches the ball when either the player or the ball is in the box. The box ara extends upward from the lines. touching the ball in the air above the box is a violation

GOALS & GOAL BOX: The goal box, 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep, is directly in front of the goal. No player may touch the ball within the goal box, however any player may move through the goal box. Any part of the ball or player's body on the line is considered in the goal box; the player is an extension of the box. If a defender touches the ball in the goal box, a goal is awarded to the offensive team. If the defender OR the ball is in the box and contact is made, a goal is awarded. If an offensive player touches the ball within the goal box, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team. If the ball comes to a complete stop in the goal box, regardless of which team touched it last, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team.


Q5 - Who has to be at Check-in?

A5 - When Check-in is held on a Friday night, only a representative from each team with the proof of age for each player is required to attend . The whole team can come to enjoy being with a big group of soccer folks, but only 1 person is required for each team . When Check-in is held Saturday morning, the whole team should attend and check-in at least 1 hour before the teams first game.


Q6 - Can I change my roster after I submit my application?

A6 - Yes, as long as the change does not effect the gender (adding a boy to a girls team changes the gender), age, or Comp/Rec status of the team, you can go into your TMS Tournament Management System Account and edit the information about your team including the players on your roster.   Roster changes that effect the gender, age, or Comp/Rec level of the team are the equivalent of entering a new team and must be approved in advance.  Rosters can be changed up to the start of your first game


Q7 - When will schedules be available and how many games is each team guaranteed?

A7 - For local qualifiers, our plan is to publish the schedule no later than 10PM of the Thursday evening before the tournament. Schedules for Nationals will be posted further in advance. Every team is guaranteed to play at least 4 games in each tournament.


Q8 - How are the goals scored during the game recorded and is there a scoreboard on each field that show the score during the game?

A8-  It is not possible to have a scoreboard for each field.  The referee keeps track of the score on the Game Card which is given to the winning coach to bring to the score center after the game.  To prevent scoring controversies (which are more common in 3v3 because of the fast paced game and the high scoring), the referee is instructed to announce the score to both teams after each goal.  Coaches are responsible for checking with the referee during the game to make sure that scoring discrepancies are caught before 


Q9 - Is there a hotel close to the fields for those of us who are coming a long way?

A9- The hotel link on the Challenge Sports Web page for this tournament has information about hotels that are convenient to the tournament site and are ready to welcome teams


Q10 - How can I tell if my team should enter in the Comp or Rec Division

A10- For U6, U7, and U8 age players there is no distinction, they are all considered Rec. For U9 and older age players, we use this definition;

Any 3v3 team that is created by a tryout or selection process based on the level of play/ability of players OR has one or more players who have played on a full sided competitive or select team in a club any time in the last 12 months is classified as a Comp team. All other teams are eligible to play in the Rec Division.

The definition of a full sided competitive team is one that has its roster selected by a tryout or selection process based on skill and level of play. The term "Full Sided" is to distinguish from 3v3 and applies to 6v6 and 8v8, as well as 11v11 since only the 6v6 and 8v8 formats are available to U9, U10, U11 and U12 players in many areas. The key aspect of the definition of a comp player is that he or she plays on a team which has its roster selected through a process that is based on ability level of play . U6/7/8 Divisions do not have separate Comp and Rec Divisions. All U6/7/8 age appropriate players playing on a U6/7/8 team are considered Rec players.

Special note applicable in June and July - Players that have been eligible to play Rec who try out for and make the roster of a Competitive Full sided team for the coming season will not be considered "COMP" players until that Full Sided team begins its League or season play. This specifically addresses players who are classified as rec players who try out in June or July for a team to play on in the Fall. Those players will retain their "Rec" status through the Challenge 3v3 Nationals in August.

Q11 - How can I become a referee for the tournament?

A11 - If you are a qualified Referee - click here Refereeinfo for information on how to contact the assignor


Q12 - What are the rules for "coed" teams? Can Girls play on Boys teams?

A12 - We have two gender categories for youth divisions (u6 - u19). "Girls" Divisions can include only teams with only girls on the roster. "Boys/Coed" Divisions include teams with Boys and or Girls on the roster. For Adult Coed Divisions, when 2 Adult Coed teams play each other, each team must have at least 1 female on the field at all times. This rule does not apply to youth divisions.


Q13 - How do I get to the Park and Check-in Site? (we do have quite a few teams that travel a long way to play)

A14 - We have a link on the tournament web page showing the location of the park and check-in site.


Q14- What happens if there are not enough teams of my gender/age/skill level to form a division?

A14 - Challenge sports welcomes input from teams about how to best combine ages and skill levels when 1 or more division does not have enough teams to stand alone. We post entries over the weekend before the tournament, then on Monday and Tuesday we show teams in proposed Divisions so that teams can comment in time for adjustments. A mixed division leads to separate brackets as long as there are at least 2 teams of each age/gender/skill level will. When there is only 1 team of a certain age/gender/skill level, that team will be considered as the same as the closest other age/gender/skill level group in the Division for bracket play. If a team decides that the planned division does not look like it will present a good experience for the team, they can withdraw for a full refund as late a Tuesday at midnight. That way a team can see the teams they will be playing with in time to be able to withdraw for a full refund. When age/gender/skill levels are combined it does not effect a teams chances to qualify for Nationals because teams are separated in their own age/gender/skill level before they are ranked to determine qualifying. The top 4 teams of each age/gender/skill level will qualify for Nationals.


Q15- What happens in the case of bad weather?

A15 - Our Weather Policy is posted here WEATHER


Q16- Uniforms What are the requirements for uniforms?

A16 - Teams must wear similar colored jerseys and each team must have a dark and light colored set. Numbers are not required, and the Jerseys do not have to be identical, just close enough so that it is clear that the players are on the same team


Q17- What is the rule for a restart on an indirect kick?

A17 - A restart from an indirect kick follows the same rules in 3v3 as in full sided soccer. On a kickoff, the ball is not considered to start in the offensive half of the field. It must roll forward so that it is completely in the offensive half before it can be shot straight into the goal


Q18- Shin Guards -

A18 - All players are required to wear Shin Guards. Shin guards must be covered by a sock. Players without Shin guards will not be permitted to play


Q19- Substitution -

A19 - Teams may substitute during any stoppage of play with the approval of the referee. All substitutes enter the field at the midline. The player leaving the field may go directly to the nearest part of the team sideline.


Q20- Can a player play with a Cast? -

A20 - As a youth soccer organization in Florida, we choose to follow the guidelines of the Florida Youth Soccer Association as far as casts and beraces go.

This is from FYSA Rule 402.2...

b.) Orthopedic casts are not permitted; however, soft braces can be worn with written approval from a

doctor, and judgment as to safety is at the discretion of the referee

Q21- What guidelines should I use for forming my team -

A21 - Teams are formed in many different ways, everything from a group of neighborhood friends to a highly recruited group of players from widely different areas for serious competitive teams. One important guideline to follow is to have a group of players who are as closely grouped in age and skill level as possible. A team with players who are, for example U8, U9, U11, and U12 age will have to play U12 and the 2 younger players will be at some risk against older players. Similarly, a team made up of 4 rec players and 1 comp player must play in the comp division, and will likely be badly overmatched in most games.


Q22 What are the dimensions of the field and goals? -

A22Fields for u6/7/8 are 30 yards long by 20 yards wide. U9 and older team playt on fields that are 30 yards wide by 40 yards long. Goals are 4 feet high by 8 feet wide. Goal Box is 12 feet wide by 8 feet deep and center circles are 10 yards in diameter (5 yard radius)


Q23- Can we change our team name for Nationals?-

A23 Yes, you can. Be sure to reference the name you qualified under in the comment section of the Application for Nationals


Q24- How late can we enter teams?

A24 - The deadline (for guaranteed acceptance) is shown on the web site. After that date, teams can still apply, however the possibility of being shut out increases because age groups fill up.