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July 31-Aug 2, 2015 3v3 Nationals at Disney FL




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Lehigh Acres 3v3 Challenge

a Saturday in Lehigh Acres, South West Florida, USA



General information

Register online




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3rd Annual Lehigh Acres 3v3 Challenge

Saturday June 8, 2013

At Lehigh Acres Middle School, 104 Arthur Ave, Lehigh Acres Fl 33936

Hosted by the Lehigh Acres Soccer Club

Ages U6 thru U19 and Adult


Register online

Entry fee $200 ($170 if paid on or before May 25, $185 May 26-30)

Guaranteed entry deadline Monday before the tournament


Click Here to see Entries, Schedules, and Results





4 games minimum per team

Individual medals for first 3 teams in Each Division

All U10 and younger players get medals

Free Official Tournament T-shirt for all players



  This tournament is a qualifier for the 3v3 Challenge Nationals  at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort  August 1-4, 2013 The top 4 teams in each Division qualify.





* great skill practice    * have some soccer fun while increasing skills   * lots of action    * kids love it



Check-in   Saturday morning at the Field at least 1 hour before your first game

Schedules - Schedules will be posted on the web site Thursday night (2 days before the tournament)



Need to change your roster?   -  As long as the roster change does not effect the gender/age/comp-rec status of the team, all you have to do is Log into your TMS account and update your roster  Log in Here


Guest Players Needed/Available     click for age division birth dates   

Each Player may play on 1 team only during the tournament



First games start at 8:30 .  Last Games will start around 5:00   


COMP vs REC - U9 and older teams must enter as COMP or REC based on the definition in item #10 of the 3v3 FAQ on our web site


Qualifying for Nationals at Disney -  The top 4 teams in each Age-Comp/Rec category will qualify for Nationals.

Teams are only ranked for qualifying against teams of the same age and comp/rec level.  

Where 1, 2, or 3 teams are placed with older teams, they will be ranked 1,2,3 in their own age for purposes of qualifying


Entries, Schedules, and Results   are posted below.  They will be shown in preliminary Groups and Divisions on the Monday and Tuesday before the tournament.  Entered teams are encouraged to check the entries  and Groups/Divisions below often and provide comments for our scheduler.  Only comments received by 10PM Tuesday will be early enough to be considered

 All Teams, including teams in Divisions with combined ages or skill levels who do not feel that the Division is acceptable for their team have the option to withdraw for credit or a full refund if they notify us by midnight Tuesday June 4

When a division with combined age groups or skill level has at least 2 of each age/rec-comp category, there will be separate championships for each category

Comments or questions can be submitted by clicking here  Contact Us    We can not accept entry or grouping inquiries by phone


When schedules are posted they will be final.  We can not entertain any requests for changes at that time. 

However, it is always possible that circumstances may cause  games to be moved between now and the end of the weekend.

Teams are responsible for checking the schedules;

1)  as posted here until Friday night

2) at team Check-in

3) at the Tournament Headquarters after each game during  the weekend

Teams should report to their field 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time for each game

Entries, Schedules, and Results

Check-in   Saturday morning at the field 1 hour before your first game

Comments or questions can be submitted by clicking here  Contact Us    We can not accept inquiries by phone

Under 6 Boys Under 9/10 Girls Comp
Under 7 Boys U7/8Girls Under 10/11 Girls Rec
Under 8 Boys Under 11/12 Girls Comp
Under 9 Boys Comp U9/10 Rec Under 12/13/14 Girls Rec
Under 10/11 Boys Comp
Under 12 Boys Comp
Under 11/12 Boys Rec
Under 13/14 Boys Comp U14 Girls Comp
Mens Adult Rec
Mixed High School Boys/Girls Comp
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Division Level Gender Team ID Team Name Club Coach
B06O OPEN BOYS/COED 10913 Surge Marco Island Soccer Club Watt
B06O OPEN BOYS/COED 12421 Lightning Boyz LYSA Marquez
B06O OPEN BOYS/COED 12423 Mini Manchester   Bush
B06O OPEN BOYS/COED 12763 Los Blancos Gateway Soccer Danis
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 11682 T N T Knights Magner
B07O OPEN BOYS/COED 12554 Marios Angels CCSF Jara
G07O OPEN GIRLS 12482 Surge Girls Marco Island Soccer Club Baldwin
G08O OPEN GIRLS 12528 DaCubs Alex Futbol Martinez
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 12215 Brazil Soccer Academy   Da Silva
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 11030 Lightning Boyz LYSA Escobedo
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 10153 Fort Myers FC  Fort Myers FC Banks
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 10131 Bubble Charlotte Premier Proa
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 12498 Gum Charlotte Premier Proa
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 12802 Delray United AC Delray Edelstein
B08O OPEN BOYS/COED 12888 Surge Boys (U8) Marco Island SC Baldwin
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 12274 Orange Crush   Parker
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 12511 Mutiny Tampa Bay United - South Sakalosky
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 12773 Braden River Braden River Plambeck
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 10944 Barcelona 2.0   Bush
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 12885 Cape Fear Cape Coral Acosta
B09C COMP BOYS/COED 11015 Lehigh Monsters   Ibarra-juarez
B09R REC BOYS/COED 12881 Bulls   Volack
B09R REC BOYS/COED 12519 Destroyers Cape Coral Oben
B10R REC BOYS/COED 12445 Surge Mario Marco Island Wesson
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 12422 Lightning Boyz LYSA Marquez
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 10828 Surge Marco Island Soccer Club Watt
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 11426 Real Madrid   Gerke
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 12859 Cruz Azul   Sanchez
B10C COMP BOYS/COED 12483 La Union La Union Paez
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 12481 La Union  La Union  Arias
B11C COMP BOYS/COED 12717 Los Knights Alex Futbol Martinez
B11R REC BOYS/COED 12797 La Union  no club  
B11R REC BOYS/COED 12781 VSI Barcelona Jr's West Florida Flames Moran
B12R REC BOYS/COED 12520 Dynamite Cape Coral Mcglynn
B12R REC BOYS/COED 12624 Fast 5   Ames
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 12533 Real Estero   Miano
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 11474 Lightning Boyz Blue LYSA Ramirez
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 11475 Lightning Boyz Yellow LYSA Ramirez
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 12431 Honey Badgers   Roberts
B12C COMP BOYS/COED 12886 Scorpions SCPSSC Wagner
B13C COMP BOYS/COED 11410 Venice  VAYSA Smith
B13C COMP GIRLS 11408 Da Bears  Alex Futbol  
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 12492 Pink Dinosaurs FC Sarasota Kuschnitzky
B14C COMP BOYS/COED 10129 South Park Marco Island Bartos
G14C COMP GIRLS 12471 NODP North Port Troche
G14C COMP GIRLS 12320 Pink Panthers Florida Fire Melley
G15C COMP GIRLS 10106 Tigers Club Mags Magner
B16C COMP BOYS/COED 10138 CFC Tigers 1   Bach
B17C COMP BOYS/COED 12746 All-Star Dream Team   Corona
B17C COMP BOYS/COED 12721 Pumas Fc none Garcia
B17C COMP BOYS/COED 12579 CFC Tigers 2   Bach
G18C COMP GIRLS 12839 FMHS Lee County Strikers Britton
BADR REC BOYS/COED 12435 Dortmund   Torres
BADR REC BOYS/COED 12790 FGCU Elite   Mccabe
BADR REC BOYS/COED 12569 Justice League   Martinez
G07O OPEN GIRLS   See B07O/B08O Group    
G08O OPEN GIRLS   See B07O/B08O Group    
G09C COMP GIRLS 11425 Fort Myers Sparks Gateway Soccer Association Fesh
G10C COMP GIRLS 11531 Gator Girls CCSA Yount
G10C COMP GIRLS 12863 Titans CCSF Forrer
G10R REC GIRLS 12437 Estero Elite San Carlos Scorpions Sullivan
G10R REC GIRLS 12527 Surge Marco Mayham Marco Island Surge Maile
G10R REC GIRLS 12631 Spider Monkeys   Villafuerte
G11R REC GIRLS 12286 Real Estero San Carlos Park Scorpians Rinaldi
G11C COMP GIRLS 10062 Monst-hers   Griffin
G11C COMP GIRLS 12496 Cape Crush   Turner
G12C COMP GIRLS 12663 FC Sarasota FC Sarasota Einsmann
G12C COMP GIRLS 12521 Dark Knights NORTH PORT FUTBOL CLUB Nottingham
G12C COMP GIRLS 11530 Gator Girls CCSA Yount
G12R REC GIRLS 12887 Surge Girls (U12) Marco Island Soccer Club Baldwin
G13R REC GIRLS 11019 Surge Marco Island Soccer Club Watt
G14R REC GIRLS 12882 Lightning Lehigh Lightning Sallin