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July 31-Aug 2, 2015 3v3 Nationals at Disney FL




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9th Annual Ponte Vedra 3v3 Challenge

December 11/12, 2010



CHECK-IN is Friday evening 6:30 to 8:30pm, at Bogey Grille Sports Bar, A1A in Ponte Vedra. 

At check-in you will receive t-shirts for each player on the team.  Bogey Grill web site http://www.bogeygrille.net/


at Davis Park - 2455 Palm Valley Rd. Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082

Hosted by the Ponte Vedra Soccer Club


ages U6 thru U18 and Adult 

4 games minimum per team

Individual medals for first 3 teams in Each Division

All U10 and younger players get medals

Free Official Tournament T-shirt for all players

entry fee $195  ($165 early entry fee if paid on or before Dec. 1) 


early entry deadline midnight Wednesday Dec 1

guaranteed entry deadline Sunday Dec 5

Schedules are posted


***Important Davis Park Rules***

 NO large coolers allowed in the park, no grills, no pets....... 

Entrance to ALL fields is now at the concession area

***Special Rules for the Turf Field***

The 11v11 size Turf Field is a great addition to the park.  Teams are asked to help keep it in good condition by following these guidelines

The turf field can NOT be used as a entrance......or a pathway.....

only teams playing on the field are allowed on that field.

Teams and spectators must leave the field after playing....they can not camp out on that field.

The turf field has additional rules:

No tents    No chairs    No food    No gum


COMP vs REC - U9 and older teams must enter as COMP or REC based on the definition in item #10 of the 3v3 FAQ on our web site


Qualifying for Nationals at Disney -  The top 4 teams in each Age-Comp/Rec category will qualify for Nationals.

Teams are only ranked for qualifying against teams of the same age and comp/rec level.  

Where 1, 2, or 3 teams are placed with older teams, they will be ranked 1,2,3 in their own age for purposes of qualifying













Age Gender Comp/Rec Team Club Coach
under 06 BOYS/COED OPEN Knights Ormond Beach Soccer Club Hayes
under 06 BOYS/COED OPEN Purple Panthers  Westside SC Piotrowski
under 06 BOYS/COED OPEN Warriors Amelia Island Osgood
under 07 BOYS/COED OPEN The Yellow Cards GISA Swafford
under 07 BOYS/COED OPEN Bartram Springs FC jacksonville Sarka
under 07 BOYS/COED OPEN Dynamite Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Croley
under 07 BOYS/COED OPEN Galaxy Premier First Coast Soccer Hilbert
under 07 BOYS/COED OPEN Jax Sharks Jacksonville Wetzork
under 07 BOYS/COED OPEN Lion FC First Coast Soccer Guske
under 07 BOYS/COED OPEN Tiger Sharks Creeks athletic Oliveira
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN Barracudas FC First Coast Soccer Gonzalez
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN PV United PVSC Murphy
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN PVSC Blue Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Cills
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN PVSC Gold Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Reinheimer
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN Rush 'em Ancient City Soccer Ford
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN Sonics Clay County Soccer Club Henry
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN SWAG FC Gold St. Johns McCrone
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN Tasers Ormond Beach Shamlou
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN USBG First Coast Soccer Rojahn
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN Red Devils GISA Wolfe
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN Hammerheads St Simons Island Heggeman
under 08 BOYS/COED OPEN YMCA Barco Newton Orange Park Monroe
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP PV Manchester United PVSC Gordon
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP Cosmos Saint Johns Corbett
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP terminators middleburg holstein
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP The Nutcrackers First Coast Soccer Yuska
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP Savages Savages Small Sided Soccer Acad. Cuthbertson
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP Ormond Beach Fury OBSC Iamarino
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP Ponte Vedra Storm Clark Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Clark
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP Chargers First Coast Soccer DuBois
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP PV Chelsea Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Gordon
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP Demons CCSC Prestridge
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP GISA Piranhas GISA Tubbs
under 09 BOYS/COED COMP Wolverine FC First Coast Soccer Guske
under 09 BOYS/COED REC PV Arsenal Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Reinheimer
under 10 BOYS/COED REC Twisters St. Augustine Wolf
under 10 BOYS/COED REC Bowser Ponte Vedra Beach Gentile
under 10 BOYS/COED COMP FC Blue First Coast Soccer Schaefer
under 10 BOYS/COED COMP Crossfire St Johns McSwigan
under 10 BOYS/COED COMP Dogbite Ponte Vedra Crowley
under 11 BOYS/COED REC Ponte Vedra United Ponte Vedra Soccer Cornett
under 11 BOYS/COED COMP Crossfire Creeks Athletic Association Axelrad
under 11 BOYS/COED COMP Fratellanza Fleming Island Prestridge
under 11 BOYS/COED COMP Furia Roja Golden Isles Soccer Association Watkins
under 11 BOYS/COED COMP Grizzlies U10 Ormond Beach Soccer Club Sweat
under 11 BOYS/COED COMP Mad Dogs Saint Johns Bahamonde
under 11 BOYS/COED COMP Ponte Vedra Storm Ponte Vedra Soccer Cornett
under 11 BOYS/COED COMP Dynamo GISA Runyan
under 12 BOYS/COED COMP Grasskickers ponte vedra schoengrund
under 12 BOYS/COED COMP Predators jacksonville Chin
under 12 BOYS/COED COMP PV Stingrays Ponte Vedra Beach Rojahn
under 12 BOYS/COED COMP Explosion First Coast Soccer Walker
under 12 BOYS/COED COMP Beach Dogs Beaches Trupo
under 12 BOYS/COED COMP Rowdies Ponte Vedra Alvarez
under 13 BOYS/COED COMP AIY Alliance Amelia Island Youth Soccer McCaskill
under 13 BOYS/COED COMP PV Storm U-13 Boys Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Jones
under 13 BOYS/COED COMP The Hotties Ponte Vedra Craft
under 13 BOYS/COED COMP Savages Savages Small Sided Soccer Acad. Cuthbertson
under 13 BOYS/COED COMP That Team FCSA Middleton
under 14 BOYS/COED COMP Red Cards St. Simons Island Swafford
under 14 BOYS/COED COMP USA Revolution Orange Park Mott
under 14 BOYS/COED REC Creeks CAA Carroll
under 14 BOYS/COED REC Neosporin Orange Park Hall
under 15 BOYS/COED REC Scorpions ponte vedra Krupka
under 15 BOYS/COED COMP Man U Ponte Vedra Beach Castellanos
under 15 BOYS/COED COMP CC United CCSC Sheppard
under 15 BOYS/COED COMP Stingrays Jacksonville Della Porta
under 15 BOYS/COED COMP Storm III PVSC Preston
under 16 BOYS/COED COMP Decepticons Clay County McCartin
under 16 BOYS/COED COMP Goon Squad? Ponte Vedra Storm Frias
under 16 BOYS/COED COMP OP Cobras Middleburg Moore
under 17 BOYS/COED COMP Fastboys WESA Knuth
under 17 BOYS/COED COMP The Hunters CCSC Valero
under 18 BOYS/COED COMP Power Rangers Jacksonville Blanchard
under 18 BOYS/COED COMP Sour Diesel Ponte Vedra Beach Emsley
under 17 BOYS/COED REC terminators middleburg holstein
Adult OPEN BOYS/COED REC Balls Dp Jacksonville Bowman
Adult OPEN BOYS/COED REC The Spankers Jacksonville McSpankey
Adult OPEN BOYS/COED REC Camden Kingsland DeLyons
Adult OPEN BOYS/COED REC The Prophets (pending) Jacksonville Johnson
Age Gender Comp/Rec Team Club Coach
under 07 GIRLS OPEN Bears CAA Brown
under 07 GIRLS OPEN GISA Blue Angels GISA Hammann
under 07 GIRLS OPEN Hurricanes CAA Radel
under 07 GIRLS OPEN Mustangs St. Augustine Dean
under 07 GIRLS OPEN Strikers Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Ruehling
under 08 GIRLS OPEN Dragons St Johns County Glass
under 08 GIRLS OPEN Girl Power Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Clarkson
under 08 GIRLS OPEN Killer cleats CAA Gutknecht
under 08 GIRLS OPEN The Mighty Butterfiles JYSC EL Hassan
under 08 GIRLS OPEN Lightning Strikes FI FCA Dawson
under 09 GIRLS COMP Dynamite PVSC Canon
under 09 GIRLS COMP F.I. Fusion Clay County Carmichael
under 09 GIRLS COMP First Coast Sharks First Coast Soccer Sanchez
under 09 GIRLS COMP Triple Threat FC Apopka Khouri
under 09 GIRLS COMP brazilian storm Ponte Vedra Reedy
under 09 GIRLS REC Wolverines Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Bierwagen
under 10 GIRLS REC Soccer Frawgs saint augustine Rooker
under 10 GIRLS REC Tornados Jacksonville Dreibelbis
under 10 GIRLS COMP First Coast Academy Dynomite First Coast Soccer warner
under 10 GIRLS COMP Freedom II First Coast Soccer Villalobose
under 10 GIRLS COMP Purple Panthers JYSC Brunner
under 10 GIRLS COMP Soccer Dawgs Ponte Vedra Daly
under 10 GIRLS COMP Waves Ormond Beach Shamlou
under 10 GIRLS COMP FC 3v3 Cannons First Coast Soccer Ashman
under 11 GIRLS COMP Lightning Strikes U10 Fleming Island FCA Hauth
under 11 GIRLS COMP Crushers St Johns Kent
under 11 GIRLS COMP First Coast Academy TNT  First Coast Soccer warner
under 11 GIRLS COMP Fury Hurricane JYSC Cole
under 11 GIRLS COMP Grass Stains Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Shewey
under 11 GIRLS COMP Stratton U-11 Girls First Coast Soccer Stratton
under 11 GIRLS COMP FC Strikers First Coast Soccer Ashman
under 11 GIRLS COMP This Team FCSA Middleton
under 11 GIRLS COMP Manchester United POSC Leggett
under 11 GIRLS REC Strikers St Augustine DeFranco
under 11 GIRLS REC LC Sharks Black Leesburg Norman
under 11 GIRLS REC Tropical Storm Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Rotella
under 12 GIRLS REC Canes POSC Leggett
under 12 GIRLS REC Blue Dolphins Creeks Athletics Association Daigle
under 12 GIRLS REC P.V. Panthers PVSC Hamby
under 12 GIRLS COMP Lightning Strikes 1 FI FCA Dawson
under 12 GIRLS COMP F.I. Strikers Clay County Soccer Club Hess
under 12 GIRLS COMP Fury Strikers Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club Borovsky
under 12 GIRLS COMP Twisters St. Augustine Wolf
under 12 GIRLS COMP Lady United Clay County Gardner
under 12 GIRLS COMP Pop St.Johns Badge
under 12 GIRLS COMP U12 Storm Ponte Vedra Ramesar
under 12 GIRLS COMP Lady Predators FCSA Leeper
under 12 GIRLS COMP Blue Eyed Monsters Orange Park Stillwell
under 12 GIRLS COMP Lightning Strikes 2 FI FCA Dawson
under 13 GIRLS COMP Lady Terminators I'l Be Back  Holstein
under 13 GIRLS COMP Ponte Vedra Sharks PV Storm Dolzikas
under 13 GIRLS COMP Rampage PVSC Mitchell
under 13 GIRLS COMP The Tribe Jacksonville Brown
under 13 GIRLS COMP Savages Savages Small Sided Soccer Acad. Cuthbertson
under 13 GIRLS COMP The Warriors pvsc daly
under 14 GIRLS COMP Oompa Loompas Clay County Kirkland
under 14 GIRLS COMP Spider Monkeys Clay County Soccer Club Tavolieri
under 14 GIRLS COMP PV Storm U14 Girls Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Morey
under 14 GIRLS COMP Hurricanes POSC Mellinger
under 16 GIRLS REC Old Lady Sharks Leesburg Turner






Field Layout

CHECK-IN is Friday evening 6:30 to 8:30pm, at Bogey Grille Sports Bar, A1A in Ponte Vedra. 

At check-in you will receive t-shirts for each player on the team.  Bogey Grill web site http://www.bogeygrille.net/

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