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 May 2/3 - Spring Challenge*

 Sept 5-7 -Beaches Labor Day Challenge*

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15th Annual Spring Challenge May 5/6, 2012

Click for Results and Schedule Information

Click for Maps and Field Layouts for Palm Bay Regional Park PB or PBRP and  Max K Rodes Park MR or MRP  

Click here for directions between the two parks Directions Between Parks



Schedules will be posted Sunday April 29 no later than 10PM

Important note to Coaches of more than 1 team in the tournament

We had a very large number of special scheduling requests from teams.

 While the committee is working hard to  comply with as many as possible, they will not be able to meet all requests.

   Teams should be sure to have an assistant coach available to cover games where there are conflicts


Girls Teams   (Click Here for Boys teams)

The most experienced teams are in the National Division,  next most experienced teams in the Continental and least experienced in the American Division

Division Team Name Team Code GotSoccer ID Club Affiliation Coach
  U9 National Division        
under 09 Indialantic Force B5IND0203FR5 409582 IYSA Beattie
under 09 First Coast White 2002/2003 B3FCS0203FC2 23424 First Coast Soccer  Gray
under 09 Melbourne Beach Tsunami B5MLB0203FC1   MBSC Ottomanelli
under 09 South Brevard FC Lady Phoenix 02 B5SBF0203FC2   South Brevard FC Gacioch
  U10 National Division        
under 10 First Coast Academy 01/02 Red B3FCS0102FC3   First Coast Soccer  Grenninger
under 10 Lady Phoenix 01 B5SBF0102FC3 328110 South Brevard FC Rogulski
under 10 Vero Vipers  B5IRS0203FC1 480970 Indian River Soccer Association Schaeffer
under 10 SBSC Thunder
  Satellite Beach Soccer Club Smith
under 10 CAA Creeks A71 Blue B3CAA0203FC1 485680 CAA Soccer Kenny
  U11 Continental Division        
under 11 01forcegirls1 B5IND0102FC1 402998 IYSA McCarthy
under 11 FCSA U10 Girls White (playing u11) B3FCS0102FC2   First Coast Soccer Association Ando
under 11 Fury Green B3JYS0102FC1   Jacksonville Youth Soccer  Club Mott
under 11 First Coast Academy 00/01 Girls Red B3FCS0001FC3   First Coast Soccer Association Burns
under 11 Mako U11 Girls A3MSC0001FC1 341543 A3MSC Mako Soccer Club (FL) Cisneros
under 11 Titusville Divas B5TSC0001FC1   Titusville Soccer Club Fox
  U11 National Division        
under 11 FCSA U11 Girls White 00/01 B3FCS0001FC2   First Coast Linick
under 11 Indian Harbour Beach Breakers B5IHB0001FC1   Indian Harbour Beach Soccer Club Keldsen
under 11 Melbourne Beach Tsunami b5MLB0001FC1 345941 Melbourne Beach Soccer Club Pekmezian
under 11 Storm 00/01 Girls Elite B5SCU0001FC1 349792 Space Coast United Santos
under 11 00forcegirls1 B5IND0001FC1 402998 IYSA Curri
under 11 Blue Angels B5IRSA0001FC1   IRSA Griggs
  U12 8v8 National Division        
under 12 First Coast Soccer 99,00 Red B3FCS9900FC3   FCSA Whitaker
under 12 HSSC 99 Strikers A3HSS9900FC1   Hobe Sound Soccer Club Merritt
under 12 Jupiter United SC Mannetta A5JUS9900FC2 467019 Jupiter United Soccer Club Mannetta
under 12 Lady Phoenix 99/00 B5SBF9900FC1 328124 South Brevard FC Ulp
under 12 Wellington SC 99/00 Wave White A5WSC9900FC2   Wellington Soccer Club Gusman
under 12 CBS Cyclones B5CBS9900FC2   Central Brevard Soccer Club Dixson
under 12 Maitland Dominators B1MAI9900FC1   Maitland Soccer Club Diaz Granados
  U12 11v11 National Division        
under 12 Megu Fusion B5MEU9900FC1 341738 Melbourne Eau Gallie United Maggio
under 12 99/00 Pinecrest Premier Blue A1PSC9900FC1   Pinecrest Premier S.C. Rose
under 12 99Force Girls 1 B5IND9900FC1 305335 IYSA Powers
under 12 Space Coast Storm B5SCU9900FC2 350222 Space Coast United Soccer Club Storum
  U13 National Division        
under 13 Ft Lauderdale SELECT A2FLS9900FCI 336270 Ft Lauderdale Select Bogue
under 13 IYSA 98Force Girls1 B5IND9899FC1 120314 IYSA Aboutanos
under 13 IYSA 9899 Force Bulldogs B5IND9899FC2   IYSA Lichti
under 13 PSJ United B5PSJ9899FC1   Port St. John Soccer Club Lewis
under 13 SBFC Lady Phoenix 98 B5SBF9899FC1 328127 South Brevard FC Lawless
  U14 National Division        
under 14 97 Mako Girls


341546 Mako Soccer Club Soricelli
under 14 First Hernando Heat U14G C6FHS9798FC1 311641 First Hernado Youth Soccer Club Salazar
under 14 GOU Makos B1GOU9798FC1 339748 GOU Sickle
under 14 Space Coast Storm B5SCU9798FC2 356085 SCUSC Phillips
under 14 Steelers B5ROC9798FC2   Rockledge Soccer Club  Henriquez
  U15 National/Continental Division        
Division Team Name Team Code GotSoccer ID Club Affiliation Coach
under 15 First Hernando YSC Heat Girls 96/97 C6FHS9697FC1   First Hernando Youth Soccer Club Campbell
under 15 IRSA 96 IRSA Girls B5IRS9697FC1 490255 Indian River Soccer Association Jensen
under 15 Jupiter United A5JUS9697FC1 354916 Jupiter United Lopez
under 15 RPB Strikers Girls 96/97 Black A5RPB9697FN1 339399 Royal Palm Beach Ryan
under 15 Fusion 96/97 B5MEU9697FC1 194372 MEGU Moo
under 15 First Coast 96-97 KYX Girls B3FCS9596FC1   First Coast Soccer Warner
under 15 Indian Harbor Beach Breakers B5IHB9697FC1   Indian Harbor Beach Gerow
  U16/17 National/Continental Division        
under 16 FC AmerIca girls 95/96 premier black B1FCA9596FC2 339206 FC America Sasvari
under 16 Fort Lauderdale Select A2FLS9596FC1   Fort Lauderdale Select Bogue
under 16 Hernando Heat C6FHS9596FC1 464965 First Hernando Youth Soccer Club Reiss
under 16 Mako SC 95 MAKO GIRLS A3MSC9596FC1   Maki Soccer Club Butala
under 16 Naples 95/96 Girls Red C5NYS9596FC1 114865 Naple Youth Soccer Club Hebel
under 17 SBF95_96 B5SBF9495FC1   South Brevard FC Hinson

Boys/Coed teams

Click for Schedules and Schedule Information

The most experienced teams are in the National Division,  next most experienced teams in the Continental and least experienced in the American Division

Division Team Name Team Code GotSoccer ID Club Affiliation Coach_LastName
  U8 National / U9 Continental Division        

Group A

under 8/9 Miami Lakes SC 03/04  Black  U8 A2LKS0304MC1 380947 Miami Lakes Soccer Club Loyola
under 8/9 069 Black U9 B3CAA0203MR1 487723 Creeks Athletic Assoc Powers
under 8/9 Tsunami U9 B5MLB0203MC1   Melbourne Beach Soccer Club Wixted
under 8/9 Maniacs U9 B3TSC0203MC1   Titusville Soccer Club Thommes

Group B

under 8/9 A42 White U9 B3CAA0203MC2 485677 Creeks Athletic Association Ryan
under 8/9 SBFC  Pheonix  U8 B5SBF0203MC2   South Brevard FC Chapman
under 8/9 02B Lightning U9 B5SAB0203CC1 529863 Satellite Beach SC  Berube
under 8/9 FCSA U9 Boys Red B3FCS0203MC3 252367 FCSA Trivuncic
  U9 National / U10 American Division        

Group A

under 09/10 Pinecrest Premier Blue 02/03 U9 A1PSC0203MC1   Pinecrest Premier SC Kirk
under 09/10 First Coast Academy 02/03 Boys White Rangers U9 B3FCS0203MC2   First Coast Soccer Association O'Keefe
under 09/10 Phoenix 01 U10 B5SBF0102CC1   South Brevard FC Pottorf
under 09/10 Fusion U10 B5MEU0102CR1 472343 MEGU Young

Group B

under 09/10 St. Cloud Strikers U10 B1SCS0102MC1   St. Cloud Soccer Lavigne
under 09/10 Brevard United U10 B5CBSxxxMC2   Central Brevard Soccer Lynch
under 09/10 South Brevard FC Phoenix 02 U9 B5SBF0203CC1


South Brevard Villanueva
under 09/10 Galaxy U9 B3FCS0203MC1


FCSA (First Coast Soccer Association) Trivuncic
  U10 Continental/National Division        

Group A

under 10 FCSA Academy Boys Red B3FCS0102MC3   First Coast Soccer Association Wink
under 10 Hernando Heat C6FHS0102CC1 363333 First Hernando YSC Andreu
under 10 MEGU Fusion 01/02 B5MEU0102MC1 369881 MEGU Jackson

Group B

under 10 Storm 01/02 Boys Elite B5SCU0102CC1 349790 Space Coast United Soccer Club Lannon
under 10 IRSA 01  B5IRS0102MC1   Indian River Soccer Dunlap
under 10 FCSA Boys White 01/02 B3FCS0102MC2   First Coast Soccer Association Whitaker
  U11 Continental Division        
under 11 Space Coast United Storm  B5SCU0001CC2 349788 BYSL Sichler
under 11 Tsunami Pickle Heroes B5MLB0102CC1   MBSC Debose
under 11 CCSA Rangers Red B3CCS0001MC2   Clay County Soccer Levius
under 11 FCSA Academy 00/01 Boys Red  B3FCS0001MC3   First Coast Soccer Association O'Keefe
under 11 Creeks 088 Blue B3CAA0102MC1 485685 Creeks Soccer Bahamonde
  U11 National Division        
under 11 First Coast Academy 00/01 White B3FCS0001MC2 340029 First Coast Soccer Association Goosen
under 11 Hernando Heat C6FHS0001CC1 363379 USA Reiss
under 11 South Brevard FC Phoenix 00 B5SBF0001CC1 328115 South Brevard FC Wassmer
under 11 00FORCECOED1 B5IND0001MC1 329559 IYSA Rabel
  U12 8v8 Continental/National Division        

Group A

under 12 First Coast Academy 99/00 Boy Red B3FCS9900MC3 340174 First Coast Soccer Association Leinenweber
under 12 Melbourne Beach Tsunami 99/00 Select B5MLB9900CC1 349625 Melbourne Beach Soccer Club Dorricott
under 12 South Brevard FC Phoenix B5SBF9900CC1   SBFC Mallett
under 12 Rockledge 99-00RSC B5ROC9900xxx 499103 Rockledge Soccer Club Hasbrouck

Group B

under 12 Space Coast United Soccer B5SCU9900MC2 350213 Space Coast United Soccer Campo
under 12 Wellington U12 White  A5WSC9900MC1 335654 Wellington Soccer Club Oliverira
under 12 Lightning B5SAB9900MC1   Satellite Beach Soccer Club Burgess
under 12 First Hernando YSC Heat Boys 99/00 C6FHS9900CC1   First Hernando Kennedy
  U12 11v11 Continental Division        
under 12 Fusion 99/00 B5MEU9900MC1 193716 BYSL Teran
under 12 Ponte Vedra Storm U12 B3PVA9900MC1   Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Cornett
under 12 IRSA 99/00 B5IRSA9900MC2   Indian River Soccer Assocation Nagy
under 12 TBU North Blue Boys 99 C1TBU9900C3 116086 Tampa Bay United Ghodsi
under 12 Mako 99/00 A3MSC9900MC1   Mako Soccer Club Quintero
  U12 11v11 National Division        
under 12 Pinecrest Premier Blue A1PSC0001MC1   Pinecrest Premier SC Kirk
under 12 Central Brevard Soccer Brevard United  B5CBS9899MC1   Central Brevard Soccer Carey
under 12 Melbourne Beach Tsunami 00/01 U11 Select B5MLB0001MC1 350902 Melbourne Beach SC Downie
under 12 99 Rangers Red B3CCS9900MC2 347286 Clay County Soccer Club Prestridge
under 12 Space Coast United 99/00 Boys Elite B5SCU9900MC1 349802 SCUSC Dean
  U13 National Division        

Group A

under 13 Indialantic Force B5IND9899CC3 411267 Indialantic Youth Soccer Association Klingler
under 13 Rockledge Steelers Ellis B5ROC9899CC2 422141 Rockledge Soccer Club Ellis
under 13 MEGU Fusion 01/02 B5MEU9899MC1 341741 MEGU Bellows

Group B

under 13 Steelers Forney B5RSC9899CC1   Rockledge Soccer Club Forney
under 13 South Brevard FC Phoenix 98 B5SBF9899CC1 328118 South Brevard FC Day
under 13 Coral Springs United Football Club A4CSU9899MC1   FYSA Muchotrigo
  U14/15 Continental/National Division        

Group A

under 15 Treasure Coast United U15 A3TCU9697MC1   Treasure Coast United Addorisio
under 14 U14 Phoenix B5SBF9798CC1 328119 SBFC Heute
under 14 Port Saint John United B5PSJ9798CC1   Port Saint john Stelzer
under 14 West Pasco Everton-Pasco - Blue C6WPA9798MC1 70061 West Pasco Youth Soccer Association Capobianco

Group B

under 14 First Hernando USC C6FHS  C6FHS9798CC1   First Hernando Andreu
under 14 West Pasco Everton-Pasco - White C6WPA9798MC2 343965 West Pasco Youth Soccer Association Gray
under 15 South Brevard FC Phoenix 96 U15 B5SBF9697CC1 328120 South Brevard FC White
under 14 Lightning B5SAB9798MC1 349900 Satellite Beach Soccer Club Burgess
  U16 National/Continental Division        
under 16 South Brevard FC Phoenix 95 B5SBF9596CC1 328122 South Brevard FC Brennan
under 16 First Hernando YSC Boys 95/96 C6FHS9596MC1   First Hernando Begeny
under 16 Rockledge U16 White team B5ROC9596MC2   Rockledge Soccer Club Deview
under 16 Royal Palm Beach 95/96 Strikers Black A5RPB9596MN2 339401 Royal Palm Beach Strikers Mentor
under 16 Sebastian Soccer Association 95/96 B5SSA9596CC1 469416 Sebastian Soccer Bangert
under 16 Wellington Wave A5WSC9596MC1   Wellington wave Menendez
under 16 Lightning B5SAB9596MC1 344788 Satellite Beach Soccer Club Weldon



















Click for Maps and Field Layouts for Palm Bay Regional Park PB or PBRP and Max K Rodes Park MR or MRP  

Click here for directions between the two parks Directions Between Parks

LOST PLAYER PASSES - B5SCU9900MC2  please email jenniferneighbor@gmail.com If you know where they are

Under 8 Boys National / U9 Continental Division Under 9 Girls National Division
Under 9 Boys National / U10 American Division Under 10 Girls National Division  **
Under 10 Boys National/Continental Division Under 11 Girls Continental Division
Under 11 Boys Continental Division  ** Under 11 Girls National Division
Under 11 Boys National Division Under 12 Girls 8v8 National Division
Under 12 Boys 8v8 National/Continental Division Under 12 Girls 11v11 National Division
Under 12 Boys 11v11 Continental Division  ** Under 13 Girls National Division  **
Under 12 Boys 11v11 National Division  ** Under 14 Girls National Division  **
Under 13 Boys National Division Under 15 Girls National Division
Under 14/15 Boys National/Continental Division Under 16/17 Girls National/Continental Division
Under 16 Boys National/Continental Division
 ** Be sure to read the "Information about Schedules"  below that was posted on April 28
Copyright 2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008 Challenge Sports, Inc.


Information about Schedules

Creating Schedules can be a very straightforward, simple, and easy process... IF the tournament does not separate teams by level of play or accept special scheduling requests.


When teams are separated by level of play and special requests (late start, early start/finish, coach of two teams, etc) are accepted,  the level of complexity goes through the roof


Challenge Sports separates teams into Divisions based on level of play and complies with as many special scheduling requests as we can.  This year the Spring Challenge entries included the most scheduling requests we have ever had.  We hope that the schedules we have created will make it possible for all teams to have a positive experience next weekend


Here is some information about the schedules


Five Team Divisions -  One of the "by products" of having more than 1 division for an age group is that the chance of winding up with an odd number of teams is higher.  

Ten teams, like we have in the U12 Boys 11v11 Division is an even number, but the way the level of play separated the teams, we wound up with 5 Continental and 5 National Division teams.  We could have set up divisions of 4 and 6 teams, either putting what looks like a strong team in the Continental or putting a weaker team in the National Division.

We felt that balanced play was the top priority and went with the 5 team Divisions. 

Based on our experience and feedback from teams over the years, we use a 2 game Saturday round robin followed by Semi Finals and a 5th place consolation match for the 5 team format.  One potential drawback with this format is that semi finals  could match two teams that played on Saturday in pool games.  To help reduce the chances for rematches in Semi Finals, we will change the 1st v 4th  and 2nd v 3rd matchups to 1st v 3rd and 2nd v 4th... IF that will result in No rematches of Saturday pool games


U8/9/10 Boys - We had a serious challenge with these ages because of the geographic and skill level mix for the teams.  Our committee finally combined the least experienced u9 teams with the u8 teams for an 8 team division with separate U8 and U9 Championships.  The more experienced  U9 teams were combined with the less experienced u10 teams for an 8 team division with separate U9 and U10 Championships.  The more experienced U10 boys teams make up a 6 team division.  the top team in each group will play in the National Division Championship while the 2nd place teams will play in the Continental Division Final


Seven Team Divisions -  This is one of the most awkward size divisions to schedule.  We use a schedule format that leads to two finals after playing 2 pool games on Saturday.  The 4 teams with the best records advance to the National Division Semi Finals followed by the Championship match.  The teams with the 6th and 7th best records meet in the Continental Division Semi Final with the winner playing the team with the 5th best record in the Continental Division Final.