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 May 2/3 - Spring Challenge*

 Sept 5-7 -Beaches Labor Day Challenge*

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July 31-Aug 2, 2015 3v3 Nationals at Disney FL




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16th Annual Spring Challenge May 4/5, 2013


Click for 2012 Maps and Field Layouts for Palm Bay Regional Park PB or PBRP and  Max K Rodes Park MR or MRP 2013 Layouts coming soon  

Click here for directions between the two parks Directions Between Parks


Click here for 2013 Results



Note for U8/9/10 Teams -   A reminder that the rules for 6v6 soccer vary from region to region across the state.  In this tournament, as in most tournaments, U9 and U10 teams will play with the offsides rule.  The U8 Division will play by the same rules as U9/10

Girls Teams   (Click Here for Boys teams)

When there are enough teams for more than 1 Division in an age, the most experienced teams will be placed in the National Division,  next most experienced teams in the Continental and least experienced in the American Division

Age Division Team Name Team Code GotSoccer ID Club Affiliation Coach

Under 9


Group A

under 09 OBSC 0405 Girls U8 B20BS304RC1 xxx Ormond Beach Dougherty
under 09 South Brevard Phoenix  B5SBF0304FC1 475768 South Brevard FC Yon
under 09 Fireballs B5SAB0304FC1 xxx Satellite Beach Soccer McNatt

Group B

under 09 Tsunami U9 B5MLB0304FC1 596968 Melbourne Beach Intille
under 09 LiL Toxic B1GOU0304FC1 597447 Greater Osceola United Jones
under 09 Satellite Beach Lightning B5SAB0304FC1  649506  Satellite Beach SC Weldon

Under 10

under 10 Jacksonville FC 02/03 Girls Select B3JFC0203FC3 589761 Jacksonville FC Campos
under 10 Lady Phoenix B5SBF0203FC2 plmo72 South Brevard FC Gacioch
under 10 IRSA Vipers B5IRS0203FC2 592071 IRSA Rubiano
under 10 JFC 02/03 Girls Premier B3JFC0203FC2 476808 Jacksonville Futbal Club Perkins
under 10 Megu Fusion B5MEU0203FC1 608263 Megu Snyder
under 10 Ormond Beach Waves 02/03 Red B2OBS0203FC1 xxx Ormond Beach Dougherty
under 10 Cyclones B1GOU0203FC1 596904 Greater Osceola United Fidhel

Under 11 Girls Continental Division

under 11 IYSA Force B5IND0203FC1 409582 IYSA  Beattie
under 11 Brevard FC Lightning


xxx Brevard FC deslonde
under 11 Lady Phoenix 01 B5SBF0102FC3 328110 South  Brevard FC Rogulski
under 11 Tsunami Chicks B5MLB0203FC1 457540 Melbourne Beach Soccer Club Ottomanelli

Under 11 Girls National Division

under 11 Fort Lauderdale Select U11 Girls A2FLS0102FC1 xxx Fort Lauderdale Select Bogue
under 11 IRSA Vipers B5IRS0203FC1 xxx IRSA Schaeffer
under 11 Satellite Beach Lightning B5SAB0102FC1  606798  Satellite Beach SC Buescherr
under 11 FCAmerica Kumba B1FCA010FC1 469011  FC America Stutz
under 11 Force B5IND0102FC1 402998 IYSA McCarthy

Under 12

under 12 Ormond Beach SC Waves 00/01 Red B2OBS0001FC1 335122 Ormond Beach Soccer Club Shamlou
under 12 Breakers B5IHB0001FC2 605845 Indian Harbour Beach Keldsen
under 12 Titusville Divas B5TSC0001FC1 xxx Titusville Soccer Club Morris
under 12 JFC 00/01 Girls Premier B3JFC0001FC2 340114 Jacksonville Futbal Club Orr
under 12 Creeks 281 B3CAA0001FR4 629146 Creeks Athletic Association Fallon

Under 12 Playing 11v11

under 12 (playing 11v11) Tsunami U12 B5MLB0001FC1 345941 Melbourne Beach Pekmezian
under 12 (playing 11v11) Storm 00/01 Girls Elite B5SCU0001FC1 349792 Space Coast United Santos
under 12 (playing 11v11) Treasure Coast United 1994 A3TCU0001FC1 370081 Treasure Coast United Addorisio
under 13 (playing 11v11) Lady Phoenix 00 B5SBF0001FC1     Smith

Under 13


Group A

under 13 Wellington SC 99/00 Wave Blue  A5WSC9900FC2 335634 Wellington SC Gusman
under 13 Lady Pheonix 99 B5SBF9900FC1 328124  South Brevard FC Duda
under 13 Creeks Clash White 99/00 B3CAA9900FC2 362177 B3CAA Creeks Athletic Rahn
under 13 HSS Strikers A3HSS9900FC1 343928 Hobe Sound Soccer Club Mullen

Group B

under 13 Hernando Heat C6FHS9900FC1 363381 FHYSC Bennet
under 13 PBG Predators A5PBG9900FC1 377638 Palm Beach Gardens Predators SC Delgado
under 13 CBS Cyclones B5CBS9900FC2 475523 CBS Dixon
under 13 Megu Fusion B5MEU9900FC1 341738 Melbourne Eau Gallie United Maggio

Under 14

under 14 Cooper City Optimist Cobras G98/99 A2CCO9899FC2 295632 Cooper City Optimists Talbot
under 14 Fusion B5MEU9899FC1 341745 MEGU De La Hoz
under 14 Jacksonville FC 98/00 Girls Select  B3JFC9899FC4 341374 Jacksonville FC Orr
under 14 Citrus United C6CUS9899FC1 90980 Citrus United Soccer Club Putney
under 14 SBFC Lady Phoenix  B5SBF9899FC1 328127 South Brevard FC Lawless

Under 15

under 15 Hernando Heat C6FHS9697FC1 311641 FHYSC Salazar
under 15 Mako Sharks A3MSC9798FC1 341546 Mako Soccer Club Soricelli
under 15 GOU Firehawks B1GOU9798FC2 340503 Greater Osceola United Ratliff

High School

High School Hernando Heat U16 C6FHS9596FC1   FHYSC Healy
High School Vipers U16 B5IRS9697FC1 473268 IRSA Jensen
High School Mako Sharks U17 A3MSC9596FC1 xxx   Butala
High School Hernando Heat U19 C6FHS9596FC1 464965 FHYSC Reiss


Boys/Coed teams

Click for Schedules and Schedule Information

When there are enough teams for more than 1 Division in an age, the most experienced teams will be placed in the National Division,  next most experienced teams in the Continental and least experienced in the American Division

Age Division Team Name Team Code GotSoccer ID Club Affiliation Coach

U9 American/Continental Division


 Group A

Under 08 (playing U9) Tsunami B5MLB0405MC1 670345 Melbourne Beach Tsunami Webb
Under 08 (playing U9) Red Mohawks B1GOU0405MC1 667607 Greater Osceola United Gray
Under 08 (playing U9) South Brevard Phoenix B5SBF0203CR1 611916 South Brevard FC Villanueva

 Group B

under 09 JFC 03/04 Boys Blue B3JFC0304MC4 589723 Jacksonville FC Ammendolia
under 09 Indialantic Force B5IND0304CC1 596940 Indialantic  Hetzel
under 09 Creeks Academy Green B3CAA0304MC4 598539  Creeks Soccer Association Moore

Under 9 National Division


 Group A

under 09 SBFC Phoenix B5SBF0304MC1 605598  South Brevard FC Chapman
under 09 Hernando Heat 03/04 Boys C6FHS0203MC2 483701 First Hernando Youth Soccer Club  Andress
under 09 Satellite Beach U9 Lightning B5SAB0304CC1 529863 Satellite Beach Soccer Club Berube

 Group B

under 09 PSJ United B5PSJ0203CC1  588708 Port St. John Stelzer
under 09 MBSC Tsunami 03/04 Select B5MLB0304MC1 596967 Melbourne Beach SC Stradtmann
under 09 Wellington U9 Dynamo A5WSC0304MC3 535008  Wellington SC Ryan

Under 10

under 10 Mailtand Gunners B1MAI0203MC2 598131 Maitland Soccer Club Diaz Granados
under 10 Tsunami 02/03 Select B5MLB0203MC1 481980 Melbourne Beach SC Wixted
under 10 South Brevard Phoenix B5SBF0203CC1 328087 South Brevard FC Villanueva
under 10 PSL Hammers A3PSL0203MC1 xxx Port St Lucie SC Burrell
under 10 Fusion 02/03 B5MEU0203MC1 xxx MEGU Young

Under 11

under 11 Phoenix 01 B5SBF0102CC1 470823 South Brevard FC Stanton
under 11 Space Coast United 01/02 B5SCU0102CC1 xxx Space Coast United Murtha
under 11 Pinecrest Premier 02/03-B Blue A1PSC0203MC1 472410 Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club Kirk
under 11 MEGU Fusion  B5meu0102mc1 369881 MEGU Jackson
under 11 JFC 01/02 Boys Blue B3JFC0102MC4 414827 Jacksonville FC McCoy
under 11 Central Brevard United B5CBS0203MC1 475649 Central Brevard Soccer Club Lynch
under 11 Pinecrest Premier Blue U11 A1PSC0102MC1 345966 Pincrest Premier Valenzuela

Under 12 playing 11v11

under 12 (playing 11v11) Pinecrest Premier Blue A1PSC0001MC1 192830 Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club Kirk
under 12 (playing 11v11) Fusion Blue 00/01 B5MEU0001MC1 341715 MEGU Moon
under 12 (playing 11v11) 00ForceCOED1 B5IND0001MC1 329559 IYSA Rabel
under 12 (playing 11v11) Space Coast Storm 00/01 Premioer B5SCU0001CC2 349788 Space Coast United Sichler
under 12 (playing 11v11) Melbourne Beach Tsunami B5MLB0001MC1 350902 Melbourne Beach Soccer Club Downie

Under 13 Boys Continental Division


 Group A

under 13 Pinecrest 99/00MC3 A1PSC9900MC3 xxx Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club Morgan
under 13 Ponte Vedra Storm B3PVA9900MC1 xxx Ponte Vedra Soccer Club Cornett
under 13 IRSA Never Quit B5IRS9900MC1 xxx IRSA Koontz
under 13 Tsunami 99/00 Boys Select B5MLB9900CC1 349625 Melbourne Beach Soccer Club Dorricott

 Group B

under 13 MEGU Elite White B5MEU9900MC2 502294 MEGU Knoblock
under 13 JFC 00/01 Boys Premier B3JFC9901MC2 340029 Jacksonville FC Dailey
under 13 First Hernando C6FHS9900CC1 xxx First Hernando Youth Soccer Club Hayes
under 13 Space Coast 99/00 Prem B5SCU9900MC2 350213 Space Coast United Campo

Under 13 Boys National Division

under 13 Fusion B5MEU9900MC1 193716 BYSL Teran
under 13 Space Coast 99/00 Boys Elite B5SCU9900MC1 349802 B5SCU Space Coast United S McCabe
under 13 Mako Sharks A3MSC9900MC1 xxx Mako Soccer Club Quintero
under 13 Wellington Wave 99/00 White A5WSC9900MC1 335654 Wellington Wave Oliveira

Under 14

under 14 MEGU Fusion 98/99 Elite Blue B5MEU9899MC1 341741 MEGU Moo
under 14 Rockledge Steelers B5ROC9899CC2 422141 Rockledge Soccer Club Ellis
under 14 South Brevard Phoenix 98 B5SBF9899CC1 328118 South Brevard FC Day
under 14 IYSA U14 Force B5IND9899MC5 xxx IYSA Jaime
under 14 Steelers Black B5ROC9899CC1 335317 Rockledge Soccer Club Forney

Under 15


 Group A

under 15 SBFC97 B5SBF9798CC1 328119 SBFC Huete
under 15 Lake Wales Soccer Club U15 Boys C4RSAxxx 340446 USA league Alberton
under 15 Treasure Coast United 1994 A3TCU9899MC1 370271 Treasure Coast United Addorisio

 Group B

under 15 Satellite Beach Lightning B5SAB9798MC1 349900 Satellite Beach Soccer Club Burgess
under 15 Pinecrest Premier U15 White A1PSC9798MC2 284871 Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club Valenzuela
under 15 Wellington S.C. 97/98 A5WSC9798MC1 468260 Wellington Soccer Club Moore

High School

under 16 High School Sebastian Soccer U16 United B5SSA9697CC1 573270 Sebastian Soccer Calderon
under 16 High School South Brevard FC Phoenix 96 B5SBF9697CC1 328120 South Brevard FC White
under 16 High School Fusion/tsunami b5meu9697mc1 420556 MEGU vanmeir
under 19 High School First Hernando C6FHS9495MC1 340929 First Hernando Hayes


Schedules and Results are posted below.

Click for Maps and Field Layouts for Palm Bay Regional Park PB or PBRP and Max K Rodes Park MR or MRP  

Click here for directions between the two parks Directions Between Parks

 U9 SBFC Phoenix  "Orange you glad it's not raining?"


Under 8/9 Boys American/Continental Division Under 9 Girls National Division
Under 9 Boys National Division Under 10 Girls National Division
Under 10 Boys National Division Under 11 Girls Continental Division
Under 11 Boys National Division Under 11 Girls National Division
Under 12 Boys 11v11 National Division Under 12 Girls 8v8 National Division
Under 13 Boys Continental Division Under 12 Girls 11v11 National Division
Under 13 Boys National Division Under 13 Girls National Division
Under 14 Boys National Division Under 14 Girls National Division
Under 15 Boys National Division Under 15 Girls National Division
High School Boys Division High School Girls Division
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Note - A data error in our system had caused the max goal differential that showed in the footnotes on the schedule pages as 4.  the correct max goal differential in our FYSA approved rules is 5.  We have corrected the error.  Any schedule pages printed before the change will incorrectly show 4 as the maximun goal differential

Saturday Tiebreakers for   Odd Numbered Divisions

Divisions with an odd number of teams will play elimination matches Sunday morning based on the ranking of the teams after Saturday's games.

If there is a tie in any of those groups after applying the rules in section 13 of the tournament rules, it will be handled like this

If both coaches agree,  a coin toss can be used to break the tie .

If both coaches do not choose the coin toss, teams will play a 10 minute mini game to break the tie.